How do I use the Training & TA Budget Calculator?

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2015 04:14PM PDT

​Note: To be eligible for the package discount, you must enter at least one participant into each training component. If you are not interested in all of these components, please contact us through our Program Support Help Desk for a la carte pricing.

Please see the individual program pages for information about training costs for STRIVE or Get Real.

To use ETR's Training & TA Budget Calculator follow these instructions:

  1. Insert the number of curricula or programs you plan to implement. See our training page for more information about the programs to which ETR can train.
  2. Enter the number of participants you would like to send to the Training of Educators. If you have more than one program, please enter the average number of participants per program in the box. Even if you feel that the majority of your staff do not require a TOE, we recommend budgeting several spots in case you experience staff turnover. Additional guidance on who should attend a TOE is provided in our FAQ.
  3. Enter the number of participants you would like to send to the EBI Boosters. If you have more than one program, please enter the average number of participants per program in the box. EBI Boosters are designed to enhance implementation and increase fidelity after participants have had a chance to implement in a real-life setting. We recommend all implementers attend boosters, however, you can budget for less.

  4. Enter the TOTAL number of TOT participants regardless of how many programs you will be implementing. If you would like a TOT on more than one curriculum, we recommend that you budget for 2 to 5 experienced trainers to attend  a TOT. Additional guidance on who should attend a TOT is available on our FAQ.

  5. Enter the average number of participants you would like to attend each program enrichment session. These sessions are designed to enhance program delivery and increase organizational performance. For the purposes of the OAH grants, we recommend budgeting 5 or more participants to attend each session. Examples of program enrichment sessions are provided on our website.
  6. TA hours are not participant specific and have been entered automatically into the calculator.
  7. You can now see the total amount per year and for all 5 years in this box. Costs included here are for the training sessions for the number of participants you have entered about and technical assistance across all 5 years.
    ​As grantees develop their scope of work and budget they will need to estimate and plan for the additional travel costs required for staff to attend any trainings that ETR will provide that are included in the training and technical assistance services budgeted. Attendee travel estimates are not included in the budget estimates reflected in the budget calculators and the MOU between grantees and ETR.
    Exact locations for regional trainings are not known at this time. ETR will work with OAH to coordinate dates and locations of any regional trainings as appropriate. These trainings are likely to be held in major metropolitan cities throughout the United States. Budget estimates should include airline, hotel, daily per diem, ground transportation and mileage for each staff member planning to attend the training. Grantees may choose to estimate/average costs based on Federal Travel Per Diem travel guidelines.
    Curricula costs are not included. Calculators for the curricula are available on each of the program pages.
  8.  This Package Savings box shows how much you save by purchasing a package:
  9. ​To demonstrate you have a solid training and TA plan in place for your proposal and to lock in your budget estimate, we recommend contacting us for an MOU.
    To request an MOU:
    • Create a PDF of your budget calculations
    • Submit an inquiry using our Program Support Help Desk.
    • Select the topic of "MOU Request"
    • Use the "File Attachment" to attach the PDF of your budget calculations
    • Complete the rest of the form
    • In the "Message" section, please include the TTA package you are interested in and any details of any grants or other funding you may be applying for (for example, the Tier number).
    • Click the "Send Email" button to send us your request
  1. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, contact one of our training experts through the Program Support Help Desk.
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